Man sues in-law for marrying off his daughter


A MAN of Chipulukusu Township has taken his mother in-law to court for marrying off his daughter without his consent.
Mr Javan Nguwo 51, told the newly opened Chipulukusu Local Court that his mother in-law Astridah Kalale married off his first born daughter Vivien aged 19, without his consent.
Ms Kalale is mother to Mr Nguwo’s wife Agness Chibuye who died years back.
Mr Nguwo  said his daughter was in Grade 11 at the time Ms Kalale began arranging her marriage to a man he only identified as Benjamin.
He said he had earlier declined marriage proposals for his daughter because she was in Grade 11 when relatives of a man approached him last year, but Ms Kalale went ahead to accept dowry which was later given to him.
He told the court that he received dowry, because Ms Kalale assured him that the daughter was merely being engaged and would be married off after completing school.
He said his mother in-law received the bride price and later married her off during a traditional wedding ceremony which she organised without his consent.
In her defence, Ms Kalale who was shocked with the revelations from the plaintiff said Mr Nguwo accepted the dowry.
She said Mr Nguwo was involved in the marriage preparation from the time the man expressed interest in marrying his daughter.
She said Mr Nguwo had also given her some money to organise a thanks giving party for the in-laws after they brought dowry.
She said the plaintiff had even proposed K12,000 as the bride price for his daughter but it was later reduced to K3,000.
Senior local court magistrate Paul Kayula sitting with local court magistrate Nsama Nsofu dismissed the matter because the plaintiff was aware about the marriage.
Mr Kayula said the plaintiff received dowry and also proposed the K12, 000 as the initial bride price.