suspended Police chief Mary Tembo’s car ownership change was tactic

suspended Copperbelt police commissioner Mary Tembo.
suspended Copperbelt police commissioner Mary Tembo.

A WITNESS has told the Ndola magistrate’s court that a Toyota corolla was donated to suspended Copperbelt Police chief Mary Tembo and registered in her name so that it could be used to catch officers that were leaking information to the media.
Zamsogolo Ndjovu, 44, of 197 Peter Singogo Police Camp in Ndola and a staff officer at the Copperbelt Division told chief resident magistrate  Paul Chisha yesterday that Grizzly Mining donated the Toyota Corolla to Tembo for use as a tactic to catch officers that were liking information to the media.
Mr Ndjovu told the court that the Toyota Corolla white book was registered in the accused’s names and they were in the process of reverting the ownership to Grizzly Mining, once the mission was accomplished.
The witness was testifying in the case in which Tembo, 53, of 4 Bukafu Road in Ndola and Plot 37 Lusaka West farms in Lusaka is charged with two counts of abuse of authority of office.
When asked again if a Police commissioner can use a private car, while on official duty, the witness said that depended on circumstances.
Trial continues today.