‘Technical committee handed over draft constitution to Ministry of Justice’

Zambia draft Constitution

The work of the Technical Committee on Drafting the Zambian Constitution (TCDZC) which began in November 2011 has finally been halted.

And the Committee spokesperson Ernest Mwansa, has thanked President Michael Sata for granting members the opportunity to draft the Zambian constitution.
Mr Mwansa disclosed that on March 27 this year, the Ministry of Justice wrote and directed the committee to conclude the works and vacate the offices by Monday, March 31.
He, however, said the committee’s efforts to hand over the final draft constitution to the appointing authority have not yielded any positive results due to various challenges.
Mr Mwansa has since announced that the documents of the technical committee including the ten copies of the draft Constitution, reports of the technical committee and the Constitution of Zambia bill are now in the hands of the Ministry of Justice.
Mr Mwansa said this in a statement issue to the Zambia News and Information Services ZANIS in Lusaka today.
And Mr Mwansa has praised President Michael Sata for granting the committee an opportunity to draft the Zambian Constitution.
Mr Mwansa also thanked government for the financial support rendered to the committee since 2011.
He further said the committee is deeply indebted to the general public and all stakeholders for their keen interest, invaluable input and support during the Constitution making process.