Councils advised to elect female mayors

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—- A Kitwe-based Non-Governmental Organization has appealed to political parties with the majority councillors in councils to be gender sensitive as they go for mayoral elections this week.

The Democratic Governance and Human Rights Advocates (DEGHA) coordinator, Gerald Mutelo, said political parties should consider electing women as mayors or as deputy mayors to reduce the domination of men in mayoral positions.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Kitwe today, Mr Mutelo said this would also help towards the attainment of Millennium Development Goals (MGGs) on gender.

He, however, said women should not be voted into those positions for merely being women but they should be voted based on their performance in their wards in terms of facilitating development.

Mr Mutelo also urged the political parties to ensure that true democracy prevails during the elections so that credible people who can propel development are put into office.

He said councilors should be allowed to vote without fear or intimidation from their party leaders.

Local authorities country-wide will this week be voting for new mayors and their deputies.