Sata has indicted the dissolution of his own government – FDD

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza
FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza

The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD)says President Michael Sata’s public admission that all his Ministers are useless and are not doing their job for which they are being paid hefty salaries and allowances is an indictment on the President himself and calls for the immediate dissolution of his government.
FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says as taxpayers, people cannot be financing a bunch of useless individuals masquerading as leaders when the majority of the youths, mothers and fathers are drowning in poverty, unemployment, disease and destitution.

Mr Mwanza says President Sata should not blame his failed policies on his ministers.

He adds that the President is the one who appointed these ministers and thus cannot run away from his failures.

Mr. Mwanza further states that President Sata should simply dissolve his government and call for fresh elections stressing that the people of Zambia deserve better.