NO Kuomboka Ceremony this year, 2014

Kuomboka traditional ceremony of the Lozi people in western province
The Lozi speaking people of Western Province every year escape the rising flood waters of the upper Zambezi river in a spectacular ceremony popularly known as the  Kuomboka Ceremony.
The magnificent  ceremony that attracts people from all walks of life characterizes of  hundreds of dugout canoes accompany the Litunga – King of the Lozi people from Lealui Palace, in the flood plains to dry land in Limulunga.
On a Sad however,  the Kuomboka  ceremony will this year not be held following the demise of the Litunga (King)’s wife Queen Moyo Imwambo who died on the 10th of March and was put to rest on 17 March, 2014.
Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) through Tawila Akapelwa Silumbu (Induna Inete) made the announcement in Mongu today.
T.M. – Lusaka Voice