Mukanga appalled by L/stone Bus Terminus contractor

Kulima Tower Bus Station
Kulima Tower Bus Station

TRANSPORT, Works, Supply and Communication Minister Yamfwa Mukanga has bemoaned the poor safety standards at the Livingstone International Bus terminus currently under construction.

Mr Mukanga said he was disappointed to discover that Zambian and Chinese contractors working on the international structure in the tourist capital were not putting on accepted safety clothing.

He was speaking in Livingstone on Thursday afternoon when he made an on-the-spot visit to the site.

Mr Mukanga found that some Zambian and Chinese contractors were not wearing safety boots.

Mr Mukanga said there was need for contractors to follow the required standards in terms of safety attire because anything could happen on the site at any time.

“When it comes to their safety, I am not happy with what I have seen here because I have been talking about this issue for a long time.

“It is time we changed and followed international standards in our engineering works,” Mr Mukanga said.

He said contractors should look forward to growing as opposed to engaging in questionable works.

“The Government has pumped in a lot of money and, therefore, you must ensure that this project comes into fruition soon.

“This job should be completed by next month, so you should increase the labour force so that all internals are done,” Mr Mukanga said.

Project quantity surveyor Joseph Nyirenda assured Mr Mukanga that safety measures would be followed while the project would be completed by the end of next month.

“We have since applied for additional funding of K15 to K20 million to construct road ways, a restaurant and an independent bus station to avoid a situation where people will be just driving inside the main terminus,” said Mr Nyirenda.

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