Kasolo calls for respect of the law

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Kasolo calls for respect of the law

Nchelenge, March 21, 2014, ZANIS – Luapula Province Permanent Secretary  Chanda Kasolo has called for respect of the law in the administration of public service by local authorities and traditional leaders in the province.

Mr Kasolo made the call in Nchelenge yesterday during his closing remarks of the joined meeting of planning authority board members for Lusaka and Luapula provinces.

He disclosed that there were admittedly teething problems with some local authorities in the province with the way they were relating with some traditional leaders and the way traditional leaders were relating with councils.

He said the matter must be resolved before it got to central government because both chiefs and local authorities must have total respect for the law in their operations and the way they relate with each other.

He said failure to adhere to the provisions of law in the administration of public service would lead to anarchy which would threaten the democracy that Zambia was enjoying.

Mr Kasolo said Zambia was the best example of democracy in Africa and should continue to develop it through strict adherence to the provisions of law in the conduct of public business.

He said President Sata has always come out strongly whenever he felt that democracy was being abused in form of anarchy which threatened the enjoyment of human rights by the people.

He said the law should be respected by everyone regardless of their status in society because failure to obey the law attracts serious repercussions.

The PS had received submissions from some Council principal Officers during the meeting that some traditional leaders in the province were allocating plots to people in areas which were already in use by government institutions.

The officers said institutions such as schools had been  encroached and that councils had difficulties in correcting the situation as lives of most officers were being threatened.

They said the situation was getting out of hand because some traditional leaders were engaging in activities that were at variance with the provisions of the law and whenever efforts to redress the situation were being made, they incited people to rise against council officers and threatening to take the law in their hands.

The PS however thanked the Lusaka Planning Authority Team for the valuable lessons that they shared with their Luapula counterparts.

He said sharing experiences on better practices was cardinal for efficiency in public service delivery.