No one must silence calls for new constitution – OSF

Open Society Foundation Executive Director Sunday Chanda
Open Society Foundation (OSF) has charged that the decision by the Zambia Police Service to arrest 46 youths for demanding for a new constitution on Youth Day on Wednesday the 12th of March was regrettable and proof that the men and women in uniform do not allegedly understand the law.

Executive Director Sunday Chanda has told Qfm news that situations where a Police force starts to use force and intimidation to silence the masses, citizens must also unite and counter the police force with soul force.

Mr. Chanda says no one must be allowed to silence calls for a new constitution as it is a need that the people of Zambia remind the Patriotic Front (PF) government that the power they are using to allegedly suppress the voices of the common man on the constitution is borrowed power.

He further states real power is with the people and that is not for the PF government to say whether or not that it should give the Zambians a new constitution.