Malaysia turned down Interpol help to hunt for MH370

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777
Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777

Putrajaya had repeatedly turned down Interpol assistance in investigations into the missing flight MH370, a senior Western law enforcement official told ABC News.

That offer has since been repeated several times and declined each time, the official said, although a spokesman for the global police organisation declined comment.

“It’s the old pre-9/11 approach: close-hold information, don’t share anything,” the official was quoted as saying by the US television station.

Law enforcement officials are now worried that critical investigative time has been lost and leads could well have dried up as sources of information could have dispersed in the last week, the report said.

The FBI also has not been invited by the Malaysian government to help on the ground, sources said.

The investigation has now turned into a criminal inquiry as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the flight was diverted deliberately when it vanished from radar screens last Saturday.

US intelligence officials believe one of the pilots had a hand in the disappearance.

The Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Boeing 777-200ER was carrying 239 people to Beijing when it disappeared within the first hour of the six-hour flight to the Chinese capital city.

The loss-making flag carrier, however, said it shared information with all relevant authorities when the passenger jet was found missing.

“Malaysia Airlines has shared all available information with the relevant authorities since the moment we learned that the aircraft had disappeared,” read a statement from the airline.

“This is truly an unprecedented situation, for Malaysia Airlines and for the entire aviation industry.” – March 16, 2014.