Zambia climbs one step up FIFA rankings


Zambia has moved one place up from 75 to 74 in the world on the Football International Federation Association (FIFA) Coca Cola rankings.

The country has also moved one place up in the African continent from 17th to 16th position.

Ivory Coast has maintained its supremacy in the African continent on first position although moving one place down on the world rankings from 23rd to 24thposition.

According to the latest world rankings released by FIFA today and monitored by ZANIS Sports, Egypt, who last month were on fifth position, have moved two places up from fifth to third position in Africa.

Egypt has displaced Cape Verde who has moved one place down into the 4thposition while Ghana have moved one place down from fourth to fifth position.

Meanwhile, the world top ten has remained unchanged with Spain leading the table ahead of Germany and Argentina, followed by Colombia, Portugal, Uruguay, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil and Belgium.