Govt. acts to reduce use of pit latrines in Lusaka

lusaka's Garden Resident Plunges into Pit Latrine
lusaka's Garden Resident Plunges into Pit Latrine

Government is concerned with the continued use of pit latrines in peri-urban areas because they pose a challenge to the sustainable promotion of good sanitation and proper hygiene.
Outgoing Local Government and Housing Minister Emmerine Kabanshi said there was limited land for digging pit latrines after one has been filled up.
Ms. Kabanshi said pit latrines were also hazardous to the environment and were a recipe for contaminating ground water besides causing the outbreaks of water borne diseases.

She disclosed that her ministry was implementing a 2014-2030 national urban water supply and sanitation programme roadmap at an estimated cost of K20 billion.

The minister said this in Lusaka today when she officially launched the Kalingalinga sanitation marketing project dubbed “Chanu-ni-chanu; Chisamaleni campaign” which will benefit over 400 households with flushable toilets.

She further disclosed that government, working with the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, sourced U S$355 million from the United States government to invest in the water sector.

She commended the LWSC for spearheading the sanitation marketing campaign programme and government’s cooperating partners for the efforts they were making in improving access to water supply and sanitation services.

And LWSC Vice Board Chairperson Mundia Muya disclosed that over 30 percent of households in Lusaka province do not have access to sanitation facilities such as water borne toilets.

Dr. Muya said the lack of adequate water and sanitation services deprives people of their fundamental rights to quality life but reiterated that his organization will remain focused in the improvement and provision of sanitation services.

He disclosed that the programme which started as a pilot project would be rolled out to other peri-urban areas in Lusaka province.

And Munali Member of Parliament (MP) Nkandu has challenged Kalingaling residents to be agents of change and feel honoured by what the water utility and government were doing to improve water supply and sanitation in the area.

Prof. Luo, who is also Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister, said phase one of the water and sanitation programme is on course.

A month ago, the LWSC launched the Maiteneke water and sanitation project in Matero Township which will benefit over 600 households where area MP Miles Sampa declared Matero a ‘No pit latrine’ area.