Pupils harass DC over project fund

These women in a local Zambian village do all the daily work that needs to be done, yet they remain second-class citizens in many ways

Luwingu District Commissioner Mambwe Katontoka had a tough time to explain to youths in Nsombo area in chief Chabula why authorities at Nsombo primary school were chasing away children who failed to pay K10.00 project fund.

The youths claimed that the people in that area depend on Lake Bangweulu for their financial resources which they had difficulties to raise due to the three months annual government fish ban.

They said the head teacher was aware that people in Nsombo and other surrounding areas were not catching fish because of the ban but had decided to send away pupils for failing to pay the project fund.

“Authorities at the school know that government had issued a fish ban for three months from 1st December 2013 to 1st March 2014. We explained but the teachers instead decided to chase our children from school. We want you the district commissioner to tell us why this headmaster is failing to follow the PF manifesto,” they demanded.

And Mrs Katontoka has warned head teachers in Luwingu district to desist from chasing pupils who fail to meet school requirements saying it was against the Patriotic Front manifesto.

She said the position the government was to provide free education from grade one to grade seven adding that she would not tolerate school head teachers who fail to follow guide lines.

Mrs Katontoka has also advised head teachers to call for Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meetings and explain to parents the new developments rather than imposing decisions without the involvement of the parents.

The district commissioner was in Nsombo to sensitize the community over the demographic health survey which is being conducted jointly by the Ministry of Health and the Central Statistics Office.

The community refused to be part of the exercise accusing the officers of being satanists and that they were not ready to be surveyed on.


After the successful meeting and ZANIS mobile campaign team the members of public accepted to work with the team.

The team will be conducting mobile VCT testing and counseling, malaria testing and treatment and offer nutrition tips among other services.