Govt. ready to deliver Constitution-Chiefs deputy minister

Zambia draft Constitution

Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Deputy Minister Belina Kawandami says government is ready to deliver a new constitution to the people of Zambia as promised during the campaign before the 2011 General Elections.

Ms Kawandami said government was on track and would deliver the constitution as requested by the people of Zambia.

The Deputy Minister aid this during the commemoration of International Women’s Day at the Livingstone Civic Centre, held under the theme, “Inspiring change: Celebrating God’s favour on 50 years of Women’s excellence and achievements.”

Meanwhile, Ms Kawandami has dispelled assertions that cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) were on the increase.

“It is not true that cases of GBV are on the increase. The fact is these cases have always been there but it is just that women were silent about them but now they are able to speak out,” she said.

She observed that women now realized the importance of protecting their fellow women and the girl child.

Ms Kawandami said this was a good development and encouraged more women to report GBV cases if the vice was to be curbed.

Earlier, NGOCC Board Secretary Grace Manyonga said women’s legal rights are stll being undermined by the continued existence and recognition of both customary and statutory law.

“We would like to call upon government to use this year’s celebration to give us a gift of people-driven constitution which should be adopted through a referendum,” she said.

Ms Manyonga alleged that it would be folly to see the constitution review process stalled by a government that promised to deliver a progressive constitution to the people of Zambia.

“For the women’s movement, the constitution is meant to deliver on essential rights for women. Most of the challenges women face today are as a result of the current discriminatory constitution,” she said.

She also called for more women in decision making positions.