Sister-in-law sued over murder allegation that he hires criminals to kill


A 32-YEAR-OLD man of Lusaka West has sued his sister-in-law for accusing him of being responsible for the recent killings that have happened in the area.
Golden Kasanda said his sister-in-law had been going round the township telling the public that he had been paying criminals to attack innocent people at night.
This was in a case where Kasanda sued Belita Chikanfwa for defamation after she alleged that he was responsible for the deaths that had occurred in Lusaka West.
Kasanda told the court that on February 4, Chikanfwa’s brother confronted him with information that the plaintiff was working for a certain white man who had paid him to kill people.
He told the court that after he inquired where he got that information, Chikanfwa’s brother revealed that it was his sister who had been spreading such information.
Kasanda submitted that although he had ignored the accusations, he was shocked that another person approached him with the same allegations against him two days later.
“So I confronted my sister-in-law but she denied, saying she was just told as well,” he said.
“This is a serious crime, and I just want her to tell me the people who are telling her that I am killing people.”
But in her defence, Chikanfwa told the court that she was just told that Kasanda was given money by a certain white man who ordered him to kill people.
She said she was not even the one who told Kasanda about the speculations but was just warning his brother, whom she had heard, was one of the criminals murdering people in the area.
“After my neighbour told me that some people were saying that my brother was paid by my brother-in-law to help him with the attack of people at night, I went to warn him and to return the money if he had been paid to kill people,” she said.
Local court magistrate Lewis Mumba, sitting with Petronella Kalyelye, dismissed the case citing lack of evidence.