We couldn’t produce new constitution in 90 Days amid suffering – Kabimba

President Sata flanked by Justice minister Wynter Kabimba on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from London on Feb 8,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Sata flanked by Justice minister Wynter Kabimba on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from London on Feb 8,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Government says it could not produce the expected new Republican Constitution within a period of 90 days after assuming power in 2011.

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba says this was the PF as a party in power had lacked clear knowledge on the sufferings of the Zambian people.

Mr. Kabimba said told parliament today that levels of corruption, poverty, un-employment among the youths, poor access to education and health care services among others in the country high perpetrated by the previous MMD regime.

He said PF could not just act on mere figures but needed to make its own analysis before it could empower the Zambian people.

He was contributing to a private member motion moved by UPND Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo who urged the government to provide a Roadmap for the enactment of a new constitution.

Mr. Nkombo also wanted to know whether the work of the Technical Committee on drafting the constitution has been completed and thus ready for submission.

“Mr. speaker sir, producing the new constitution in 90 days by the PF could not have been possible because we lacked knowledge about the Zambian people.

“ We inherited a government were poverty, corruption, unemployment levels were too very high and also people experienced poor education and health caused by the previous MMD administration.

“ It’s out of this realisation that figure alone did noting to empower the people in the country,” Mr. Kabimba said.

The Justice Minister said the PF Government was elected to redeem the people of Zambia and to address cross-cutting issues of life expectancy, provide good governance, equality participation and accountability and crop marketing issues for the farming community.

He further said the Zambian people did not only elect it on the basis of the enacting a new constitution alone but to uplift the general welfare of the people in a holistic manner.

“PF is people centered and this government was not elected on constitution alone but uplift the welfare of the citizens in a holistic manner,” the minister said.

Mr. Kabimba further castigated the opposition MPs for causing anarchy in the House due to the disruptions on two occasions saying progress could been achieved in the on-going constitution making process.

He urged the Zambian people to be patient as the draft constitution was all-inclusive as it would be released to the public soon.

Earlier UPND Mazabuka Central Nkombo urged government to commerce assuring the Zambian people by giving them confidence in this constitution making process.

He regretted that great people behind the Constitution Review Commissions formations like Mainza Chona, John Mwanakatwe, Dean Mungomba and Willa Mungomba were being awarded by government posthumously instead of appreciating their services when they still alive.

Lubansenshi Independent MP Patrick Mucheleka said the PF government would be held accountable to the Zambian people should it fail to give the people a people driven constitution.

He accused the executive (government) of having hijacked the parliament on its role of the constitution making process.