Tribunal : Safari pilot testifies in Masebo tribunal

Minister of Tourism and Arts Hon. Sylvia Masebo (centre) with Proflight Zambia ambassadors Petita Mwanza, Cactus Agony and Slap Dee.
A chief pilot of GR Safaris has today told the tribunal investigating Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo that he felt unfairly treated when he was told by the Anti Corruption Commission that his bid for the hunting block was disqualified because he had not signed on the bid document and had issued a bank managers’cheque.

Andrew Robinson 38 of Makeni in Lusaka testified that he felt very unfairly treated when the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) summoned him to answer questions pertaining to the hunting concessions tender sometime around November 2012.

Mr. Robinson submitted to the tribunal that it was his first time to participate in the tender process for the safari hunting blocks.

He told the tribunal that when the ACC summoned him he was asked several times if the document which they showed him was his, to which he acknowledged it was his bid document.

He said the two officers who were also very explicit and asked him if he understood what was written in his cover letter which was attached to the document to which he responded he understood.

Mr Robinson told the tribunal that later during questioning he was asked how he would feel if his bid was disqualified on grounds that his document had no signature and the cheque he issued was in the name of the bank manager of Standard Chartered bank in Mazabuka.

He said he told the officers that he would feel unfairly treated to be disqualified because the signature was not among the requirements for bidders and the bank manager had the right to issue the cheque because he holds a company account with the named bank.

Mr Robinson further told the tribunal hat he told off the officers that if that was the case then he supported the Minister’s decision to halt the tendering process.