41 year old Choma man defiles girls aged 5 and 11.

End Violence Against Women and Girls Now
End Violence Against Women and Girls Now

Police have arrested a 41-year old man of Pwasha Village in Choma District for allegedly defiling two juveniles aged five and 11, of the same area who are his close relatives.

Southern Province Police Commissioner Mary Chikwanda, who confirmed the incidence in Choma today, identified the suspect as Robert Lufumbo 41 of Pwasha village.

Speaking in an interview, Ms Chikwanda said Lufumbo allegedly defiled the named juveniles on Sunday afternoon at the named village and that police have since arrested him.

“We received a report from Chrismo Sikale of Pwasha Village who reported that Lufumbo allegedly defiled two juveniles of the same area. We are told this man is a close relative to the two girls and we have arrested him as a suspect,” she said.

Ms Chikwanda said Lufumbo is currently in police custody and was expected to appear in court soon.