Housewife narrates how hubby abandoned family

Magistrates Court

THE Lusaka local court has heard how a 40-year-old man of Eastern Province abandoned his family in Chipata on the pretext that he was going to look for a job in Lusaka when in actual fact he was going to marry another woman.
Evidence before the court was that Noel Banda left his wife Ruth Goma and three children in Chipata in August last year to look for a job in the capital city.
However, Goma told the court that while she was sure that her husband’s trip was in the best interest of the family she later discovered that Banda had in fact married another woman in Chirundu District.
This was in a case where Goma sued Banda for marriage reconciliation after staying away from one another for six months.
The couple was married 1993 and have three children but problems in their marriage started in 2008 when Banda allegedly impregnated another woman.
Goma told the court that in 2008 her husband impregnated another woman because she could no longer conceive due to operations which she underwent after  the delivery.
Though Banda accepted  the pregnancy, he assured Goma that he would not marry the woman.
The court heard that though the woman lost Banda’s pregnancy, she later conceived again from Banda, a situation which forced Banda to marry her behind his wife’s back.
“He left me in a rented house with unsettled rental arrears, and the landlord chased me from the house,” she said. “I move from one place to other as if I was not married.”
But in his defence, Banda told the court that he loved his wife and claimed that he was not with her at the moment because he had gone to look for a job in Mumbwa.
He said the problem with his wife was that she did believe that he went to Mumbwa to look for a job but she thought he went to Chirundu to stay with another woman.
He claimed that while it was true that he had married another woman, he insisted that Goma was aware about the second wife.
Local court magistrate Morgan Kayunika, sitting with Dennis Mpundu, told Banda that it was not fair to make his wife go through such trauma and ordered him to immediately go back home and take care of his family.