Party Phreaks ready to conquer the world

ZAMBIAN dance electro band Party Phreaks
ZAMBIAN dance electro band Party Phreaks

ZAMBIAN dance electro band Party Phreaks which is signed to  United Kingdom (UK) and United States of American (USA) record labels, is set to release its second studio album dubbed Degree.
The band whose music ranges from pop, rock, dance electro, rap to  hip hop comprises five members; Zozi Jones, Stephen Chama, Kasonde Chola, Lucy Nkhoma and Michael Mbaluku.
The three-time radio award winning band which is originally from Ndola, released its debut 17-track album called Party Time in 2011 while signed to Westside Records.
To this effect, the band which is now signed to UK’s Cringe Music and Red Admiral Records, is also in negotiations with a multinational company Sony.
In an interview with the Weekend Mail, band leader Jones said the group has already started working on its second album which it hopes to be released and distributed by Sony.
“We have so far recorded five songs and we will be travelling to the UK to discuss terms with Sony on how we are going to have the album distributed,” Jones said.
Party Phreaks band which is currently being managed by an American management firm Robert Speed Productions of California, has performed at a number of shows in Zambia.
“With us, we always do live performances. The good thing is that all of us are involved in vocals and can also play instruments. So, depending on how big or small a particular show is, we make sure we stick to our principle of going it live,” said Jones, who writes, raps and plays guitar as well as drums.
The band, which by press time had travelled to the UK and USA to finalise on a number of deals as well as shoot the video for the song Degree, has been taking the UK, American and Australian airwaves by storm.
Already, songs such as Never Tell, Six in The Morning, Take You Out, No dollar and Degree, are already receiving massive airplay on American, Australian and UK radio stations.
If its debut album is anything to go by, the band will indeed astonish many with the maturity and quality of its music that will obviously attract the attention of party lovers everywhere.
The band has also plans to record a number of afro-pop songs so that it can command a wider audience.