Manfred Chabinga wanted for theft by his former SWAZI team, RSSC United

Zambian coach Manfred Chabinga has been reported to the police by his former team RSSC United.
Manfred Chabinga

Zambian coach Manfred Chabinga has been reported to the police by his former team RSSC United.

Chabinga, who joined the elite league rookies at the beginning of the season stunned the sugar belt outfit last Wednesday when he was last seen. A TV screen in the flat he occupied has allegedly gone missing as well as money.
It was established from the club’s PRO that prior to his disappearance, he had asked for an advance salary payment for February.
Mamba explained that they gave the coach his advance as per his request as they understood he had not received his salary for January after absconding himself from duty to attend a CAF Licence A course in Zambia.
The said money, according to Mamba, was given to the coach early in February but the club believes he has not worked this month hence they reported theft. Police Assistant PRO Inspector Khulani Mamba also confirmed a case against the coach was opened.
However, he said no arrest had been made so far as Chabinga’s whereabouts were unknown. He confirmed though that the case was for theft of a TV set, money and other valuables which the club uses for its coaches in the house he occupied.
RSSC PRO, Zamekile Mamba said they reported the issue of the missing TV set at the Tshaneni Police Post.
“We had no choice but to report the missing TV set because it is team property. We just reported to the police that it was missing.
“He left the house keys with a certain player and never bothered to communicate with the MC members.  As a team, we feel that he should have voiced out his grievances, had there been any, to the officials instead of just disappearing,” said Mamba. When Chabinga left the house, RSSC officials believed he would join his ex-team Manzini Sundowns but it has since been confirmed that he was away in Zambia.

The coach is said to have signed a contract with Mafulira Wanderers in his home country. Efforts to get his side of the story proved futile as his Zambian contact numbers could not be ascertained. In the meantime, Chabinga has since been replaced by his Zambian countryman, former Mbabane Highlanders and Malanti Chiefs coach, Happy ‘Messiah’ Simfukwe.

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  1. That’s rubbish and very un professing for this club . We don’t play with people ‘s names like that. Please please , ve courtesy for the people you ve worked with. TV ? Shame you guys .

  2. Ifyabupupa ba kolwe. What has chabinga done? U av oso started behaving like zambian watchdog