Spiny and the Green Kids set to rock Old Chez Ntemba


Spiny and the Green KidsSaturday night, March 1, shall be a night to remember for fans in Windhoek of Spiny and the Green Kids, one of the most popular traditional Silozi band to ever emerge from the Zambezi region.

The band has been billed for a one-night performance tomorrow at the Old Chez Ntemba night club  in the Namibian capital. According to the organiser of the show, Slyvester Simabuli of Zambezi Intwiza Entertainment Company, Spiny and the Green Kids, and his wife, Sherrie, have been  booked at Old Chez Ntemba on the popular demand  of his fans  whose base is continuing to grow in Windhoek. “As my fans base continues to grow, I would also like to assure them that l will continue to dish out the best for them since they have fallen in love with my style of Rhumba, House and Kwasa Kwasa music,” Spiny, born Lifasi Kasuka, explains. Nanah Nzundamo, a fan based in Windhoek was also in ecstatic  mood about Spiny and the Green Kids and says since he listened and danced to his music at a wedding celebration in Sesheke, Zambia, he has fallen in love with his genre since it is also regarded as traditional music by other cultural communities  in Zambia. “Talk about his popularity, l have attended a wedding in Lusaka, Zambia where they played one of his tracks, Malanjo wa Nyalwa, l felt at home and danced like a crazy woman so we have to support this talent to ever emerge from the Zambezi region.  It’s a good idea but they should have secured a big venue like a school hall or a stadium because we are afraid of overcrowding,” he says

The group has become one of the most sought-after musical outfits  to have entertained many revellers and traditional cultural festival goers in the region.  It has becomes a household name in the Zambezi region.   “His latest album titled, Paulina (Cimu Cilumba Muceke) has become a hit among the revellers from the  regions of Zambezi and  Kavango and in Namibia at large.  Copies of his fifth album released last December have been selling like hot cakes in Namibia, hence we have invited him because of popular demand to the Old Chez Ntemba night club,” says Simubali affirms. Paulina is the fifth album but this time featuring his wife Shirrie aka Paulina.  Songs to headlining tomorrow night’s show  are Chiyobo, Paulina,  Ward 2and Sijabana which are making waves on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)’s Silozi Language Service apart from other popular hits from his previous albums.  Since the release of their first album Sumunuke, Spiny  has continued to shine in the Zambezi region’s music industry and now the growth in demand has started to shift  to other Namibian regions.

Sikwalula Mulomo and  Dady Nikupa kwa Fone yamina are two of the songs from his latest album while Shunguuu, also on the same album has been  composed by his wife Sherrie.

Other albums released by Spiny to date include Blood of Heroes which has hits likeHaiwe CheleteRegion One, Siwewe and the Namibian Police. Spiny is grateful to God for giving him such a talent and also assures his fans in Windhoek that it will be a night to remember and will rock them until the wee hours  tomorrow night.

Asitobeke, a bar owned by Mwangala Lyomba and Malambo in Katutura have  sponsored the band  with N$ 1000 towards food and drinks for Spiny when the return to  Katima Mulilo after the Windhoek show.

All Spiny’s albums were recorded by Aluyana Records Studios in the neighbouring town of Sesheke, Zambia. According to the programme availed to Art LifePopular Windhoek DJs such as DJ Siya, DJ Killa and DJ Andre will be expected to turn the tables before Spiny and the Green Kids come to the main stage until the wee hours. Damage is N$ 70 for a normal ticket and N $ 150 for VIPs