LAZ backs MPs on constitution


The Law Association of Zambia has backed demands by opposition Members of Parliament for the enactment of a people-driven constitution following the Ministerial statement by the Minister of Justice on the status of the constitution-making process in Parliament.

LAZ President James Banda in a statement issued to QFM News says the association agrees that the Minister’s Statement did not do Justice to the issue considering that Republican President Michael Sata has clearly stated that there is no need for a new Constitution.

He states that the demand of the Members of Parliament, who represent various constituencies in Zambia echo the growing discontent and waning tolerance of the Zambian people over the failure by the Government to expedite the constitution-making process.

Mr Banda says for as long as the President and his government continue to trivialize the issue of the constitution they should expect the pressure to continue to come from all well-meaning Zambians who are simply demanding what they are entitled to.

He adds that what is being asked for is exactly what the PF promised; nothing new.

Mr Banda further states that the President should not be surprised that even his own Ministers and Party officials who he has declared useless have already and or will soon see sense in this whole matter and equally demand that a new constitution be enacted or at least that the process be allowed to run its natural course.

He says the Law Association of Zambia is pleased that finally the Members of Parliament have taken the fight for the constitution right into the House.

Mr Banda stresses that MPs are elected to stay in the house and debate and not to walkout.

He says the Association again urges and pleads with the government to take swift action to remedy the situation and respond to the People’s cry for a new constitution.