BRE gives a go ahead for a sugar plantation in Shangombo District

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——The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has authorized the establishing of a sugar plantation in Shangombo district by a foreign investor.


Shangombo Council Chairman Dominic Shomeno disclosed this in a telephone interview to ZANIS, in Lusaka, TODAY.


Mr. Shomeno said that the BRE has given his District a go ahead for the plantation in the district.


He further revealed that the surveyors are expected to commence the surveying of the traditional land given to the foreign investors soon.


He explained that the setting up of the plantation in Shangombo district will play a pivotal role of wadding the revenue base of the council.


The Council Chairman disclosed that currently the revenue base of the council in Shangombo district was not adequate to meet the demands of the daily activities of the council.


Mr. Shomeno expressed optimism that the commencement of the sugar plantation project helps to better the lives of the local people in the district.


He observed that the high number of youth unemployment in the district will reduce as many of the youth will be employed by the foreign firm.


The Council Chairman told ZANIS that the project has excited the people of Shangombo due to the benefits attached to the plantation PROJECT.


Mr. Shomeno pointed out that the establishing of the plantation will open up Shangombo to other investment opportunities.