23 Mpika fishermen forced to eat raw bubble fish and Mazoe

Bangweulu Swamps
Bangweulu Swamps

The Human Rights Commission has condemned the beating up of twenty three people arrested for defying the fish ban who were also forced to eat raw bubble fish accompanied by Mazoe juice in Chief Chiundaponde’s Chiefdom of Mpika District.

Commission Chief Information, Education and Training Officer, Samuel Kasankha says the Commission is saddened by the action of the law enforcement officers considering that the Law does not stipulate such form of punishment for offenders.

Mr. Kasankha states that if anybody commits an offence they should be arrested and taken to the court of Law which determines the punishment to be handed out on such offenders upon being found guilty.

Mr Kasankha says the action by officers from the Zambia Police Service, Zambia Fisheries and the Zambia Wildlife Authority should be condemned.