Voter Apathy in the just ended Katuba by-elections

Katuba Incidents...
Katuba Incidents...
The Anti Voter Apathy (AVAP) has expressed worry and concern over the low turnout of voters in the just ended Katuba Parliamentary by-election which was scooped by UPND’s Jonas Shakafuswa.

Katuba Constituency has a total of Twenty eight thousand nine hundred and three (28,903) registered voters but only nine thousand four hundred and eighty one (9,481) voters cast their votes in the by-election representing a 32.8% voter turnout.

AVAP Executive Director, Richwell Mulwani, has also condemned the violence on polling day involving Patriotic Front and UPND cadres.

Mr. Mulwani says it is such incidents during elections that have created problems in the political arena.

He adds that the continued violence during elections has the potential to scare voters from participating in voting.