Police physical fitness programme progressing well

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The physical fitness programme which President Michael Sata proposed for police officers last year is progressing on well.


Zambia Police Service Deputy Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said all officers at various stations, posts, provincial and command units are complying with the directives issued by both President Sata and the Inspector General of Police (IG) Stella Libongani.


Mr. Hamoonga confirmed the development to ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today.


He said the service has diverse sporting activities that gives police officers strength, stamina and improves agility which is necessary for them to effectively well as law enforcement officers.


He said no officer was shunning weekly trainings noting that they risked being disciplined by their superiors if they absconded.


Mr. Hamoonga added that the IG was conducting periodical inspections in various formations to confirm that the training was in progress.


In August last year, Ms. Libongani said at the Ingepol netball tournament held at Sikanze’s Imboela stadium in Lusaka that most officers had slackened in maintaining physical fitness despite having been observing Thursday as a day for physical fitness for a long time.


Ms Libongani said sport also increases longevity of lives by reducing stress and lifestyle related diseases.


Earlier during that month, President Sata raised concern regarding police officers who were over-weight saying they might find challenges executing their duties efficiently and effectively as the profession often require fitness for men and women in uniform.