Opposition MPs disrupt Parliamentary business again


Opposition Members of Parliament have for a second day disrupted Parliamentary business over the new constitution.

When business of the house resumed this afternoon after yesterday’s premature adjournment, one after the other opposition Members of Parliament rose on points of order to demand the issue of the constitution to be addressed as opposed to what was on the order paper.

The situation got out of hand when it came to the questions for oral answer session as opposition lawmakers boycotted the session demanding the issue of the new constitution to be addressed.

Efforts by Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini to remind the opposition Members of Parliament that their conduct was disorderly and not allowed by the standing orders of the house proved futile.

The opposition lawmakers also ignored appeals by the Speaker to take their seats in order for normal business of the house to continue prompting the suspension of the proceedings.

The opposition MPs refused to take their seats demanding instead that National Assembly Police who they referred to as strangers leave the chamber.

As all this was going on some Patriotic Front Members of Parliament could be heard passing running commentaries against their opposition counterparts.