HH dedicates Katuba to the ‘new constitution’ movement.

Hakainde Hichilema, HH in Katuba
Hakainde Hichilema, HH in Katuba

Good afternoon friends!
I dedicate the victory in the Katuba by-elections to the fight for a “people driven constitution”. As a political party and as an individual , we shall continue standing with the Church mother bodies, the Constitution coalition , Law Association of Zambia , students , political parties and many other ordinary Zambians who have not relented in the fight for a better constitution for our Country Zambia.
I also pay tribute to all the electorate who turned up to cast their votes in the just ended round of by-elections . To the campaigners who spent a lot of time away from there families campaigning for a better Zambia , i thank you. I also extend my profound gratitude to the families for allowing their spouses, children, fathers, mother, brothers and sisters etc to get involved in the campaigns for a better Zambia your contributions and participation are simply invaluable.
To the newly elected MP and Councillors my message to you is very simple- you have been elected to represent the views and aspirations of the people. You are servants and not masters of the people and we therefore expect you to serve the people. congratulations of your electoral victories!