Vet authorities destroy 36 pigs in Choma


The veterinary department in Choma has destroyed 36 pigs that were found infected with African Swine Fever (ASF) yesterday.


Choma District Veterinary Officer, Alex Hachangu, revealed that 16 pig farms in Macha have been affected by the African Swine Fever.
He said the ban on transporting pigs   is still in force in Choma, Macha and other surrounding areas.

Speaking to ZANIS in Choma before the burning of the pigs, Mr Hachangu disclosed that ten of the pigs were impounded from a farmer coming from Kalomo and 22 were from Macha.

He said it is a criminal offence for farmers to transport the affected animals when a ban is in force to avoid spreading the disease to other clean areas.

Mr. Hachangu explained that the vet has set up mobile check points, adding that scanning is going on in other parts of Choma like Mapanza.

“Farmers in the province should adhere to the ban and follow the Animal Movement Act number 27 0f 2010.They should go to their nearest vet office to ask for a permit or their animals will be impounded and burnt and no compensation will be given as they are breaking the law,” he said.

African swine fever (ASF), which has no cure, is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus. The disease may occur in acute, sub-acute or chronic forms.