UPND congratulates Shakafuswa, Chinyama and Simukoko

UPND Katuba Feb 22, 2014 - Rally
UPND Katuba Feb 22, 2014 - Rally

As you would imagine, with a good constitution, these elections would have been held in a very peaceful manner. But when the state starts to sponsor terror, you know that the citizens are in trouble. But hang in there colleagues, HHelp, yes HHelp is on the way. And this HHelp means business.

Jonas Shakafuswa (Katuba), parliamentary; Kaumba Chinyama (Namando, Kaoma) and Kelly Simukoko (Mvula, Chililabombwe), our hearty congratulations to you all for well-deserved victories. You fought a clean battle. UPND has landed on the Copperbelt, for those that thought that Kafulafuta was a fluke, watch this space. HHelp is on the way!

For us, the victories are very sweet. More sweet than all elections combined. The reason is simple, we have undergone a test where the press is totally against us. But we even win an election on the Copperbelt, right in the belly of PF. Does the press then really have any influence. It’s a shame. To Emmanuel Ng’andu (Katwe, Mpulungu), Kekelwa Muimui (Lumbo, Mongu), and Lenia Yendama (Ipumbu, Mpongwe), you are courageous people. When everyone else would rather align themselves to the ruling party, you have seen the light and taken the step to represent UPND. Your work will not go unrecognized, you have started the journey to 2016 and you are our ambassadors.

To our members, what can we say; other than really thank you wholeheartedly for your contributions in many ways. We cannot itemise but we all know that all of you contributed in your own ways.

To our opponents, those that have drawing boards, please go back and strategise. High mealie meal prices, no fertiliser, a kwacha in free fall really play in the hands of the opposition. Just yesterday you increased the debt ceiling so that you can borrow more and put pressure on an already weak currency. Thank you for being gullible and stubborn, you are paving a good road for us but we at the same time shall not relent from writing to you about issues because one day you will remember our letters.

To Guy Scott, thank you for your advise that we start at the Local Government level, we took your advice seriously and invested in Chililabombwe, Mpulungu, Wusakile, and others we contested and we got 3 out of 6. Now that is advice to die for; Guy Scott, please keep it coming Mr Veep. To PF vuvuzela turned Playboy Magazine the Pornst. Continue giving us the coverage we shall forever remain grateful.

God bless Zambia and God bless you all.