Indelible Bronze Donor Plaques for Homes at Tree of Life Children’s Village

John Chanda Mulenga - Tree of Life Children's Village
John Chanda Mulenga - Tree of Life Children's Village

Tree of Life Children’s Village, part of the Family Legacy ministry, has extended its warm appreciation to Impact Architectural Signs ( For the past several years, the sign company has helped put a memorable finishing touch on each new home constructed at the ministry’s center for Zambia’s most desperate orphans. Impact Signs ( has created custom plaques that commemorate the generous sponsors who have made this amazing and life-changing community possible.

“We are proud to support and be a part of the mission of Family Legacy,” explained Shabbir Moosabhoy, co-owner of Impact Architectural Signs. “The ministry is steadily making a positive, profound impact on Zambia’s next generation and is working to make that nation a more hopeful place. The bronze plaques we create for homes in the Tree of Life Children’s Village are a way for Family Legacy to say ‘thank you’ to all those who have selflessly donated their time and resources to the betterment of Zambia’s most vulnerable orphans.”

Supporters of the Tree of Life Children’s Village have the opportunity to name each house as it is finished. The bronze plaque mounted near the door bears the Tree of Life name and logo, the name of the house, the opening date, and a relevant and uplifting passage of scripture.

Moosabhoy added: “We take our corporate responsibility seriously, and we enjoy the opportunity to work with nonprofits that are likewise working to improve the world that we all share. The commemorative plaques at Tree of Life will remain as powerful reminders of the impact people can make when working together.”

Since 2000, Family Legacy has worked tirelessly to transform the lives of Zambia’s orphans, giving them cause for hope and faith where before they had none. The nonprofit ministry relies on donations and the work of countless volunteers, all of whom believe that giving back some of their bounty is part of their mission on Earth.

Zambia has the highest proportion of orphans in the world. War, poverty and disease have left one in six children with no mother or father. The average life expectancy in Zambia is only 38, and 86% of the population subsists on less than $1 per day. It’s easy to understand why the work of Family Legacy is so important.

Family Legacy’s ministry has three components: Camp Life provides an annual gathering where children and volunteers gather and experience love, hope and joy. Father’s Heart is a sponsorship program where donors contribute directly to the wellbeing of a child and his or her family. The program also maintains community resource centers that have served more than 3,000 young people. The newest addition to the Family Legacy ministry is the Tree of Life Children’s Village.

Tree of Life takes a holistic approach to helping the most neglected and abused orphans rebuild a foundation for their lives. Each child receives comprehensive spiritual, educational, emotional and psychological care. Those who have seen the work of Tree of Life firsthand know that the future of Zambia rests with these children.

Honoring donors is an important part of creating a sustainable nonprofit venture, as everyone enjoys that sense of belonging and appreciation that come with even the simplest show of thanks. Commemorative donor plaques are a profound and timeless way to deliver that message. As a one-stop shop for the design and manufacture of custom signs, plaques and dimensional letters, Impact Signs is pleased to work with nonprofits the world over.

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