Dad nabbed for ‘defiling’ own daughter

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A FORTY-SEVEN-year-old man of Kabompo district has been arrested for allegedly defiling his 11-year-old biological daughter and impregnating her.
North-western province commissioner of police Eugene Sibote said Rodger Ifumba, a farmer was arrested on Monday and charged with incest after he allegedly defiled his own daughter between October last year and February this year.
Mr Sibote said the girl’s mother reported the incident to police after noticing that the girl was pregnant.
The girl, a Grade four pupil, revealed the ordeal to her mother after she inquired who had impregnated her.
Mr Sibote said the girl was found to be three months pregnant after medical examinations.
He described the incident as unfortunate, especially that the girl’s future has been disturbed both mentally and academically.
Mr Sibote warned that police would not relent in bringing such culprits to book and would not condone such acts.