– Zimba District hospital runs out of blankets

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Zimba District hospital runs out of blankets


Zimba , February 25, 2014 ZANIS———Zimba mission hospital  management has appealed   to government to help purchase blankets as the hospital  has no enough funds to buy enough  that can carter for all its beds.


Hospital administrator Sanford Khondowe says the blankets in the hospital are too old and worn out and that there is need for new blankets with the cold season coming.


Mr. Khondowe confirmed this development in an  interview with ZANIS in Zimba District today.


He said that the hospital had procured some blankets through its funding but that they were not enough to carter for all the beds in the hospital.


He said the funding received by the hospital is not much and not enough for all operations of the health institution.


“The hospital has about 120 beds, we have bed sheets but we do not have enough blankets for our patients.


“  This matter was discussed with the district commissioner and the district health office so that they can aid us with blankets; our only hope is to have this aid. We appeal to government to look into this matter and come to our help, ”  Mr. Khondowe .


Meanwhile the hospital administrator said the institution has applied to the council for funding of a borehole at the mothers’ shelter through the constituency development fund (CDF).


Mr. khondowe was responding to a complaint by people at the shelter that accused the hospital of not providing them with water.


He said the provision of water at the shelter should not be left to the hospital alone as it does not only accommodate people who bring patients to the hospital but also those who come to do other business in the district.


He said the hospital has a borehole but has no capacity to provide enough water.


“Even if we mean to connect pipes to the shelter through southern water and sewerage company-SWSCO , the hospital  doesn’t receive much funding and will not manage to pay the bills as the water will be carelessly be used because the shelter accommodates a number of people from different parts of Zimba with different agendas.” He said.


Mr. Khondowe added that once the borehole is drilled, the water and sanitation problem will be solved at the mothers’ shelter.


“We are only waiting for approval and release of funds for this project and the problem will be solved. Our area councilor has informed us that our CDF application was approved and we are only waiting for the official notification and release of funds.” He said.


Women at the mothers’ shelter walk a distance of about 1.5 kilometers to fetch water due to insufficient supply from the hospital borehole which is nearby.