Zambia targets 27,000 police officers

Zambia Police in Riot gear
Zambia Police in Riot gear

Zambia’s 16,000 police officers will be increased to 27,000 by the year 2030.
Ministry of Home Affairs spokesperson Moses Suwali says this is Government’s target which is to be attained by training more citizens as police officers.
“At the moment, the country has 16,000 police officers and it is training 1,100 officers.  Our target is 27,000 police officers by 2030,” he said.
“We have a shortage of officers in all our departments, be it Immigration Department, Drug Enforcement Commission, Police and Prisons.  The ministry is aware of the manpower challenge and is doing something about it,” he said.
Mr Suwali also said that to address the accommodation crisis, there is an ambitious programme of constructing 12,900 houses across the country for all departments in the ministry.
Heads of departments have been tasked to find suitable land for the construction of the houses.
And Mr Suwali has said the introduction of biometric national registration cards (NRCs) to replace the current identity cards has reached design stage.
Mr Suwali said the ministry hopes to roll out the programme by June 30 this year.
This will be preceded by an extensive sensitisation programme on the replacement of the NRCs.
“People should continue using the old NRCs until they acquire the new ones as the two will be used side by side until the old ones are phased out,” he said.


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