Voting starts on a fair note in Katuba

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Voting in the Katuba parliamentary by-election started this morning on a peaceful note as voters trooped into various polling stations at 06:00 hours.

At Mwanjuni polling station, presiding officer Edward Phiri opened the centre at 06:00 hours.
Over 35 voters were found queuing outside the centre to cast their votes.

Mwanjuni polling station, which is also a totalling centre, has 2,085 registered voters and is one of the polling stations with a high number of voters

At Northpark polling station, voting started on a slow pace with less that 10 people having cast their votes by 06:30 hours.

Presiding officer Henry Lwiindi told ZANIS that the station has a total of 2,117 registered voters and is also one of the centres with a high number of registered voters.

At Shifwankula, voting started on a good note as over 60 out of 1,362 registered voters were found lined up outside the polling centre around 07:45 hours.

At Kayosha polling station voting started on a good note as over 100 voters had cast their votes by 08:00 hours.

The situation was the same at Kapila polling station at 15 miles as more than 100 people out of 953 voters cast their votes by 08:35 hours.

However at Katuba polling station, less than 100 out of 1,001 registered voters cast their votes by 09:00 hours.

The presiding officer Gilbert Pondani said voting started on a low note but was optimistic that the situation may change as the day progresses.

At Kamaila polling station, presiding officer Danny Chewe said voting started on a low note but the pace gained momentum as over 100 out of 1,297 voters had cast their votes by 09:22 hours.

Seven candidates are vying for the Katuba Constituency parliamentary by-election which was necessitated by the death of its area Member of Parliament Patrick Chikusu last year.

The candidates include Patriotic Front’s (PF) Moses Chilando, United Party for National Development’s (UPND) Jonas Shakafuswa, Cecil Holmes of the MMD and Friday Malawo representing UNIP.

Other candidates are National Restoration Party’s (NAREP) Joseph Mushalika, Patricia Mwashingwele for Alliance for Better Zambia, and National Revolution Party’s Shakespeare Mwakamui.