Nkana rubbish defaulter claims

Christopher Munthali
Christopher Munthali

Swallows first hosted Nkana at the Somhlolo Stadium before flying off to Kitwe in Zambia a week later to lose 5-4 on aggregate.

A local daily publication last week reported that Nkana used a defaulter in defender Christopher Munthali whom they claimed was registered after January 15, 2014, which was CAF’s deadline date for registration of players for both the Orange CAF Champions League and Orange CAF Confederation Cup.

The same newspaper also claimed Swallows are ready to lodge a complaint with CAF to try and get back to the tournament.

However, Nkana’s Secretary Ken Mwansa has come out to refute such claims, stating that none of their players were registered after the deadline.

“The truth of the matter is we registered him way in advance and before December 25, 2013.

The only player we registered late was Bruce Musakanya but even his registration was before the January 15, 2014 deadline. The cards came out without any queries of any anomaly and we received confirmation from CAF,” the secretary stated.

Adding he said: “If they are alleging that we illegally registered him are they saying we connived with CAF to have him registered late? The truth of the matter is that he was registered before December 25. The defeat was quite painful, I mean, leading literally 3-0 and to lose in that manner, they just want to justify their defeat.” Swallows’ CEO Sibusiso Manana said they have nothing to do with the allegations which he described as news to them as a team.

“We have absolutely nothing to do with any Nkana player that was a defaulter when we played against them in both legs,” was all that Manana could say on the matter.