Mufumbwe District to have state of the art chambers

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Mufumbwe District Council Secretary, Alisinda Nawa, has revealed that construction of a conference hall and extension of the council chamber is expected to complete by next week.


Mr. Nawa says works on the two projects had advanced with the contractors only remaining with installations of tiles before officially handing over the project.


ZANIS reports that Mr. Nawa revealed this in an interview in Mufumbwe.



He said that the conference once ready will be hired out and help the council generate resources.


“The projects are almost ready, the only thing remaining is installation of tiles,” the council secretary said.


Meanwhile, White Chakama, of Chakama White Contractors and General Dealers, one of the contractors engaged to undertake the project, says more than 97 per cent of works have been done on the project.


Mr. Chakama said he would this week procure the tiles and begin installing them on Monday.


Construction of a conference hall and Extension of a council chamber has been done at a combined cost of K500,000 .