ZESCO explains low voltage in Chongwe

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The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) has reassured Zambians that load shedding and low voltage during peak hours will soon be a thing of the past.

ZESCO Public Relations Manager Henry Kapata explained that the low voltage being experienced in some parts of the country during peak hours were mostly part of load shedding and not electrical faults.

Mr. Kapata asked Zambians to bear with the electricity supply company saying it was better to have low voltage than complete darkness.

He was commenting on the low voltage that the residents of Chongwe district and other parts of the country were experiencing currently.

Mr. Kapata told ZANIS in Lusaka today that the new sub-stations in Chongwe and Luangwa districts of Lusaka province were almost completed adding that only minor fittings were remaining.

He hoped that the sub-stations would enable street lights in Chongwe district to work properly at full capacity.

Currently, the street lights in Chongwe district only come on after 21:00 hours.

Before 21:00 hours, the street lights remain off in order to allow adequate supply of power to households during peak hours when people are preparing their evening meals.

Mr. Kapata said ZESCO has meanwhile started putting up new sub-stations and upgrading the existing ones while installing the right security system so as to keep away people who vandalise installations to drain oil from the transformers.

He also said ZESCO was connecting about 5,000 households to the national electricity grid per month.

He added that the company was aiming at connecting the whole country to the power grid so that people can derive full benefits of electricity and help in the development of the country.