All Peoples Congress seek international intervention over constitution

Zambia draft Constitution
The opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) now seeks the immediate international intervention of the US state department, European Union, SADC heads of states and governments, African union (AU) and indeed the United Nation’s secretary-General on the dangerously stalled constitutional making process in Zambia.

APC President Nason Msoni has urged the international community to immediately compel the PF to engage into meaningful political dialogue with all political stakeholders to iron-out the sticking points without resorting to state intimidation and threats.

Mr. Msoni says all successful Zambian governments in the past have ended-up duping the masses on the adoption process thereby ending-up with the current subsisting flawed document which gives more excessive powers to the presidency.

He notes that the PF regime finds this defective document suitable as opposed to the new draft document which is instilled with internal mechanisms of accountability and institutionalized mechanisms of democratic governance.

He has urged the international community to act decisively in unison and quickly compel the regime to put the process back on track and to hold talks with all stakeholders.

He says there is no-doubt that the polarizing and deteriorating political situation in the country is slowly spinning-out of control over the hijacked constitutional-making process requiring outside intervention before it’s too late.