Suspected Ndola wizard drags wife to court


A MAN of Ndola’s Chipulukusu Township has sued his ex-wife and four biological children for allegedly calling him a wizard.
This is in a case in which Lewis Nswana told the Ndola Main Local Court that his children teamed up with their mother and started accusing him of being a wizard.
Nswana said the allegations had caused a lot of misunderstandings with his children hence his decision to take them to court for possible reconciliation.
“My children accused me of being a wizard and they have now teamed up with their mother. This has now gone to the extent of them beating me up,” he said.
In her defence, Joyce Kasonteka who is the plaintiff’s ex-wife told the court that Nswana was a wizard who has also killed his children using his magical powers.
Kasonteka, who was defendant one, said while in her marriage, they visited a lot of traditional doctors who confirmed that Nswana was a wizard.
Prudence Nswana, defendant two, said her father was a wizard who had brought so much suffering among his family.
Defendant number three Godfridah Nswana said her father uses rituals to sleep with her and he also takes her blood from her monthly periods.
She said because of her father’s acts, she has stopped having periods even before reaching menopause.
Defendant number four Golden Nswana said despite being married for more than 12 years, he still can not have a child because his wife always sees the plaintiff each time they had sex.
Defendant number five, Catherine Nswana said her first husband left her because he kept on dreaming her father.
She said up to now her father has continued to sleep with her which has also caused problems in her new marriage.
Although court findings proved that the plaintiff practiced witchcraft, Ndola Main Local Court principal presiding magistrate Sarah Bwalya sitting with presiding magistrate Dismus Katampi and senior local court magistrate Kaala Nyambe dismissed the matter.
Magistrate Bwalya advised plaintiff to continue going for prayers so that he could reconcile with his children.


Times of Zambia