Sata appoints Chief Chewe of Chinsali as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu

Bemba Royal Establishment
Bemba Royal Establishment

President Sata Has Appointed Chief Chewe As Chiti Mukulu Reveals Bashi Lubemba;

President Michael Sata has allegedly appointed Chief Chewe of Chinsali District in Muchinga Province as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people.

Bemba Royal Establishment Spokesperson Washanga Impika Sha-Lubemba confirmed this in an exclusive interview with Kasama’s Radio Mano today saying President Sata disclosed this when he met the Bashilubemba on Thursday 20th February 2014 at State House.

But Washanga maintained that a republican President has no powers to appoint Paramount Chief Chitimukulu stating that in this case they cannot reverse their appointment of Henry Kanyanta Sosala.

And flanking Washanga, Lukala Milandu Lupombwe Chiti charged that it surprising to note that President Sata has dared the integrity of the Bashilubemba.

He has since implored on the people to defend the appointment of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the 38th Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

Radio Mano.

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