Public transporters call for ban for buses moving at night

horror the death of twenty people in a road traffic accident involving a Marcopolo bus and a South African Front liner Truck and trailer in Mazabuka district

The Zambia Bus and Taxi Workers Union president, James Liambai, has implored government to put a ban on long distance buses from moving at night.

Speaking to ZANIS today in a telephone interview in Lusaka, Mr Liambai said the ban will help avert accidents that occur in the night.
He complained that the union has been advocating calling the State to put a ban on buses from moving at night but to no avail.
Mr Liambai said despite people wanting to move from one town to another in search of business, there is need for government to ban buses from moving after 19:00 hours.
He attributed the high number of accidents the country has continued to record to buses travelling at night.
Mr Liambai Further observed that bad labour practices by some transporters have also contributed to accidents.
He revealed that some buses are driven by bus conductors because competent drivers cannot agree with employers over salaries.
Mr Liambai said there is need to strengthen the existing relationship between government and transporters so that transporters are encouraged to abide by the law.
He observed that currently the relationship between government and transporters was cold.