The current constitution favors animals – Saunders

Mandevu Rally - HH Dante Saunders
Mandevu Rally - HH Dante Saunders
Political Analyst Dante Saunders says the current constitution does not favour the Zambian people but mostly likely favors animals.

Reacting to President Michael Sata’s remarks wondering whether the current constitution is animal driven for people to continue demanding for a people driven constitution, Mr. Saunders says if the country had a people driven constitution, the people of Zambia would not be subjected to the kind of life that they are living today where foreigners are favored at the expense of the indigenous people.

He adds that if the current constitution was people driven complaints of pollution by citizens against certain companies would have been addressed.

Mr. Saunders says people would not be demanding for a new constitution if the current one represents their interests.

Mr. Saunders states that the Patriotic Front government should simply give the people of Zambia the constitution they are demanding for, which will protect them.