Sata pledges to continue supporting traditional ceremonies

Paramount Chief Mpezeni (l) with President Sata during Nc'wala ceremony - picture by Emma Nakapizye
Paramount Chief Mpezeni (l) with President Sata during Nc'wala ceremony - picture by Emma Nakapizye

President Michael Sata has pledged to continue supporting traditional ceremonies because government recognizes the role they play in promoting unity.

Speaking which he officiated at the Nc’wala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people in Chipata this afternoon, President Sata said traditional ceremonies continue to serve as platforms on which traditional spheres where cultural heritage is passed on from one generation to the next.

He stated that government recognises the role that traditional leaders play in helping to improve the welfare of people in the country.

“It is for this reason that the decentralization policy will involve direct participation of chiefs in developmental programmes,” he said.

The Head of State has since urged traditional rulers in the country to thank God for the peace that the country has continued to enjoy since independence.

Mr Sata has further commended the Ngoni speaking people for preserving their cultural heritage.

And Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province has praised President Michael Sata for ensuring that the Chipata/Mchinji railway becomes operational.

Speaking in a speech read on his behalf by Nc’wala National Organizing Committee Chairperson, Noel Nkoma, Paramount chief Mpezeni noted that the project, which was considered a white elephant, will be launched next month, adding that this proves the political will that the Head of State attaches to it.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni also commended government for the many developmental programmes taking place in Eastern province.

He observed that President Sata has shown political will of upgrading the Great East Road of which the contractor is already on site.

Paramount chief Mpezeni also commended First Lady, Christine Kaseba, for launching the campaign against early marriages in Eastern province.

He said the campaign is of great importance to the province and disclosed that over 50 girls have since been rescued from early marriages in his chiefdom.

The traditional leader also noted that the upgrading of schools in the province will improve access to education among children in rural parts of the country.

And Paramount Chief Mpezeni has commended government for implement the Food Security Pack Programme (FSP) among the vulnerable in the province.

He, however, expressed concern that the Farmer Input Supply (FISP) programme has not been performing to the expectations of many.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni appealed to government to scale up the delivery of farming inputs under the FISP as Eastern Province contributes 26 per cent to national food security.

Meanwhile, Paramount Chief Mpezeni has reiterated his calls to government to effect a ban on public transport and trucks to move at night in order to reduce road carnage.

He stated that he was saddened with the road accident which occurred on Mazabuka/Monze road in which eleven people died on Friday.



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