Succession wrangles in Kaputa district as Senior Chief Nsama refuses ‘ promotion’

President Sata poses for a photo with chiefs from North-western, Eastern and Central Provinces
President Sata poses for a photo with chiefs from North-western, Eastern and Central Provinces

Senior Chief Nsama of the Tabwa  speaking people of Nsama district has his appointment as new Chief Mukupa Katandula until he is conferred.

The Chief  said he will not allow his subordinates elect a new Chief when the current Chief is around and has not told him over his intention to resign.

He said he will wait for the current Chief Mukupa Kantandula of Kaputa  District , whom he appointed to the throne,  to first report to him before he can give them power to choose another Chief.

The Senior Chief said he is disappointed with his subjects from Mukupa Katandula for engaging in succession wrangles when the current Chief is still alive.

He said this has never happened in the history of the Tabwas adding that it is setting a bad precedent to future generations.

 Senior Chief Nsama said this when officials from  Kaputa led by Acting District Commissioner, Alick Kampamba who had gone to the area to witness the election of the new Chief called on him at his Palace in Nsama yesterday.

The Traditional ruler said this when Mr. Kampamba and other government officials called on him at his palace earlier.

The Chief allowed them to go and witness the election of the new Chief in a meeting that was expected to be held in Nsama Council Chamber.

The Chief who was later represented by his Induna in the Council Chamber said he was against the idea of electing a new Chief as the  other Chief is around.

The Chief acknowledged seeing a letter from government approving the resignation of the current chief but said he first need to talk to him on his decision and confirm his purported resignation.

He said through his Induna that he was also not consulted by the interested parties who want to succeed through election and only heard it through the letter that was written recently informing him of their intentions.

He said he needed to first talk to the Chief and also has discussions with the interested parties before they could proceed with the meeting.

And Kaputa District Council Secretary, Patson Kapoba who was writing the minutes and was to confirm the election of the new Chief rose on a point and said the meeting could not proceed because the Chief has not consented.

Mr. Kapoba said although government has consented to the resignation of the Chief, Senior Chief Nsama was supposed to sanction the election of new Chief.

He added that the law only gives powers to Chief Senior Nsama as a custodian of tradition to sanction the appointment of the Chief saying his refusal means that the election was null and avoid.


Acting Kaputa DC, Alick Kampamba also concurred with the Council Secretary and said government will not intervene in the wrangles.

Mr. Kampamba has since asked the Royal Establishment to discuss the issue and invite them when they are set for election.

 And Senior Chief Nsama later confirmed to the team when they went to pay a last courtesy call that he could not consent to the election before certain issues are resolved.

Chief Mukupa Katandula of Kaputa has reportedly resigned on ground of poor health and is in Lusaka and two factions are fighting to succeed him.