Namalangu Secondary School management advised to account for public funds

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Namalangu Secondary School management advised to account for public funds


Senanga, Feb 21/14, ZANIS……..Namalangu Secondary School management in Senanga district has been called upon to be responsible and transparent in the way they handle financial issues of the school.

Senanga District Patriotic Front (PF) Chairperson, Mubita Siamana, said it is always important to record how money raised from community contributions is spent and the records should be availed to the Parent and Teachers Association (PTA).


Mr Siamana said by so doing, there will be no suspicion of misuse of public funds and this will also encourage parents to contribute willingly in future.


He was speaking this morning during the 2014 PTA Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Namalangu Secondary School after the parents raised a lot of questions regarding the school’s financial report.


The PF chairperson further said the tendency of not being transparent tarnishes the name of the party especially that the party strongly condemns misappropriation of public funds.


He said the party is committed to taking development to all areas in the country but this cannot be achieved if other people are derailing government’s plan by misusing public funds.


Mr Siamana further urged Namalangu Secondary School management to always hold PTA meetings every year whether things discussed in the previous meeting are in place or not in order to help in developing the school.


Namalangu Secondary School has had no PTA meeting since 2010.


However, school outgoing PTA chairperson, Silume Wamui, apologized for not holding the PTA meetings, saying it was an oversight that has been noted and will not be repeated.


Mr Wamui also thanked all parents and teachers for their hard work and contribution that they have made towards the development of the institution.


He said without the PTA and teachers, the school would not have recorded the successes that have been contributed by the community like the undergoing construction of a one by three classroom block among others.