12 school projects remain uncompleted in Chavuma District

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12 school projects remain uncompleted in Chavuma District


Chavuma, February 21,2014, ZANIS —-   TWELVE school projects in Chavuma District in north western province have remained uncompleted despite government paying contractors full amounts of money for the projects.


The projects which started under the MMD government have stalled since 2008.



ZANIS reports from Chavuma that the area District Commissioner Lawrence Kayumba confirmed the development  today when Provincial Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga made a courtesy call on him at his office.



Mr. Kayumba said all the contractors engaged to the built schools have abandoned the projects despite receiving full payments from government.



He stated that the district is saddened with attitude of the contractors considering that the district needs more school infrastructure to cater for the increasing population.



“We have a problem with contractors government engaged to build schools, they have abandoned all the projects and this is now six years when they left”, Mr. Kayumba said.



He appealed to the provincial administration to find a way of helping the district get the value for money that government released for the projects.



Mr. Malupenga who is on the familiarization tour of the district said the attitude of the contractors is unacceptable as this is not reflecting well on government in the sight of the people.



He said provincial administration will soon summon all the contractors concerned as most of them want to use government projects for fundraising ventures.



“The situation is painting a bad picture on government which is working towards uplifting the living standards of the people especially in such areas, those projects have taken too long and I may consider terminating their contracts”, Mr. Malupenga said.



Most schools affected are in the west bank of the Zambezi River and include Mabili, Likoma, Nyambingila, Mukhuku, Mutwe Wakhayi and Sanjongo.  Others are Nyakutemba, Nguvu East, Kamisamba, Kalala, Lingundu and Kawelele.



 Mr. Kayumba added that the district is faced with floods on the west bank following the expanding of the Zambezi River banks which has adversely affected government operations. 


He noted that officers and the entire population on the west bank cannot cross the river now until April when the rain stops, a situation he described as worrying.



“Civil servants cannot cross to get their salaries for five months they just depend on food rations which they bought in advance in November last year,” he said.



People living on the west bank depend on the east bank for their daily necessities such as banking services, medical care, and education and food suppliers.



Mr. Malupenga urged civil servants to work in harmony with the office of district commissioner as doing so will enhance efficiency of service delivery to the people.



He said his office has received a lot of complaints on the working relationship among civil servants in districts and called for cordial resolve to their difference.