Zambians advised to celebrate jubilee with gratitude to God

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A Civic leader in Kasama has advised the country to celebrate the Jubilee celebrations of independence with gratitude to God Almighty.


Chiba Ward Councilor Rosemary says Zambians should celebrate the silver Jubilee with gratitude to God who he said has blessed this great nation with abundant peace and love.



Ms. Chilufya said despite the loss of lives during the struggle for independence, celebrating the Jubilee would be the only way of appreciating what God had for this nation.


ZANIS reports that the Chiba Ward Councilor said this in an interview in Kasama, today.



She pointed out that there is no nation that has been peaceful in the entire Africa continent and the nation should find a reason for the Jubilee celebration this year.

Zambia celebrates her 50th Independence Day anniversary on 24th October with government putting up a number of activities to celebrate.



Meanwhile, Ms Chilufya however has appealed to Government to consider constructing some more classroom blocks at Chipomo Primary as there are only two class blocks from Grade One to Nine.


She also called on cooperating partners to sink boreholes in Chiba Ward as the water source is not enough to cater for the ever increasing community.



Ms Chilufya also complained that Chiba ward has no Medical institution and people in the ward travel to other wards for medical services.