Police probe ABZ candidate

Patricia Mwashingwele of the Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ)
Patricia Mwashingwele of the Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ)

POLICE in Lusaka are investigating Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) candidate for the Katuba parliamentary by-election Patricia Mwashingwele for allegedly issuing two cheques amounting to K13,000 on an insufficiently funded account.
Ms Mwashingwele was refunding a client whom she allegedly sold a piece of land to.
She is alleged to have sold one piece of land to two people who argued over who was the rightful owner.
Lusaka Province commissioner of police Lemmy Kajoba said in Lusaka yesterday that it was later agreed that Ms Mwashingwele should return the money for one of her clients.
Mr Kajoba said the incident happened last year.
Ms Mwashingwele is said to have agreed to make the refund and that she allegedly issued two cheques.
“She cut two cheques amounting to K13,000. The cheques might have been given out at different intervals. But when he  [her client] took these cheques to Standard Chartered Bank Northend branch, the cheques bounced,” he said.
Mr Kajoba said the man was so infuriated that he decided to report the matter to Lusaka Central Police Station.
“The report that we received at Central Police was from a complainant who was claiming that sometime in 2013, she [Ms Mwashingwele] sold him a piece of land. When he went there to try and develop the piece of land, he found there was another person,” he said.
Mr Kajoba said after the man found another person on the land he bought, he accosted Ms Mwashingwele over the issue and it was agreed that she should refund him.
Mr Kajoba said Ms Mwashingwele’s scheduled interrogation at Central Police Station yesterday was postponed so that police officers could finalise their investigations.
“We have met her lawyer. He came here yesterday [Tuesday] and met the officers and an appropriate time will be fixed when we will conclude the investigations,” he said.
He said after the investigations, Ms Mwashingwele’s lawyer will avail her to police for questioning.
Ms Mwashingwele declined to comment when contacted while ABZ president Frank Bwalya said it was unprofessional for police to summon someone without stating reasons.
Father Bwalya alleged that the intended summoning of Ms Mwanshingwele is politically motivated.